13 Ways to Increase your Instagram Followers and Business

Want to know how to grow your Instagram followers and grow your reach? You have come to the right place.

In today’s era Instagram is the perfect tool to grow your business for which you need to have a dedicated and loyal audience. To reach such an audience, you need to increase your instagram followers. You can increase your Instagram followers organically in many ways.

Read till the end to know all the strategies to take advantage of the digital revolution and grow your business online and grow exponentially.

So let’s Start all the ways by which you can increase your Instagram Followers and Business.

increase Instagram followers

1. Plan while creating a creative content-

Plan while creating a creative content, content is a king

While you want to post on Instagram, do prep-up. It’s of utmost importance to do all that beforehand. Do not create posts on the same day you want to post them for the audience. Start practicing to keep the posts ready at least 15 days prior to the day you want to post.  Lets understand this with an example. Soon 26th January will be coming and you will be posting content for that day. Have all the things ready at least 15 days before. 

2. Use high quality photos and videos –

use high qualities and photos on Instagram, increase your follower on Instagram
use high quality photos on instagram

Focus on creating qualitative content more rather than on quantitative. The content must be attractive to the user. Use high quality photos of a higher resolution and picture quality. 

3. Use hashtags-


Hashtags are used to maximize the reach of the content to a higher audience. Use at least 20-30 hashtags per post. The hashtags must be related to your content. Using hashtags will be helpful because people who follow hashtags will start seeing your content in their feed which will result in increasing your reach and ultimately engagement ratio. Example  For 26th January hashtags like  #Republic day #patriotism #india #constitutions are of vital importance. 

4. Create and Schedule posts

Create and Schedule posts

As mentioned above, those posts must be created beforehand and must not be last-minute tasks. To make the process efficient use a calendar and make a smooth process. Make the most of apps like calendar and schedule your tasks and reminders for your post creation, editing etc. 

5. Use marketing tool-

use stickers on Instagram, marketing tool,
Instagram stories

Using multiple features of instagram like IGTV, stories, Reels, interactive widgets are all instagram marketing tools.These tools assist you  increase your business and increase your followers and increase the engagement ratio. Detailed description about each marketing tool is already mentioned above.

  1. Sticker polls
  2. Sponsored posts
  3. Contact button

6. Daily post on Instagram-

daily post on Instagram

You must post daily on instagram so your audience remains connected to you on a daily basis. The minimum number of posts per day should be three. These posts are helpful in connecting the audience with you. 

7. Ask questions in comment sections-

ask question in comment section

Asking questions in the comment/caption section will help the audience in interacting with your content where they can reply to your question in comments. The questions you ask can be Objective like asking Do you agree? Or a description like asking What’s your favourite?  All such things make the post interactive and increase the engagement of users with you.

8. Use 15- 30 hashtags-

use hashtags

Use hashtags in the range of 15-30. Using hashtags is an efficient way to build and reach a larger number of audience and get their likes, comments etc. 

8 Best Free Apps for Generating Hashtag-

These are some free tools for finding the best instagram hashtag. according to your niche you can find-

  • Leetags
  • Hashme
  • Ritetag
  • Tagwag
  • Hashtag
  • Display purpose
  • Focalmark
  • autohash

9. Design your profile attractive-

design your profile attractive

Your bio section must be attractive and apt description in the most adorable way possible. A well-designed/beautiful profile picture adds value to your profile. Your bio section can include your trending content link or your most liked video or your latest product link.

10.  Optimize your profile-

Make your profile stand out by optimizing your instagram profile. Add your real name in the name section so users can find you easily. Make use of emojis, add links that showcase your talent in your bio section. This section must be crisp so that it creates a good first impression for your page. Use a high quality profile picture and incorporate target keywords in your description.

 11. Share user generated content-

share a user generated content

The content you share must be of kind that can be further shared. People mostly share content they find useful, knowledgeable or are funny. Also ask people to tag/share their friends who can relate to this content. This will increase the number of people who see your posts. A tree structure will be followed which will grow and grow further. 

12. Tag your location-

tag location,Instagram location

 Mentioning location in your posts is helpful if you travel often and you want to let your audience know your location. Travel pages, concerts, events or socil media influencers usually use location tags or check-ins as it help them grow. If you are running a local business that has a physical store will mention your business in that area and people searching/living in that area can connect with you easily resulting in increasing your followers. 

13. Use(check your analytics)-

analytics on Instagram, how to increase follower with analytics

Using analytics you can keep track of how many people visited you, know their gender, their location, what’s the reach, what’s the impression of your post. If you have use hashtag in your post, you can know how many new followers came using the hashtag , what time they came, how many users liked your post without following you. Based on this data, you can calculate and figure out what you need to improve to increase your followers on instagram.

Do try these tactics in your Instagram profile and let us know through comments how it helped you grow. If you have any questions, or if you want to have any suggestions do let us know.