How to Promote your Business on Instagram?

Want to know how to increase your instagram followers and make your business more profitable ?

As you know that instagram is one of the photo and video sharing social networking app which is  now owned by facebook

On instagram , most users are young  as compared to facebook. According to statista,half of the global population are under the age of 35 and on an average 40 minutes are spent on instagram daily, i.e in  today’s time instagram is one of the most logged in  social networking  app.

Introduction to instagram-

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As stated above, instagram is one of the social networking applications where we can share  photos or videos, make a video, stories,  filter it and post.

You know more than 1 billion people use instagram monthly and most of them (under the age 35)  remain active on a daily basis .

Six million businesses use instagram where they post  photos or videos and stories of their  product or services where they connect with their customers visually and build their brand. As there is a  huge crowd on this platform and users open it daily at least one time in a day , so you can open a business account  on instagram and take your business online at an upper level.

In this post, you will learn how to increase instagram followers and how to use it for your business. 

Opportunities in  Instagram marketing-

There are various opportunities for your business to reach its maximum potential through instagram marketing.

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Increase Awareness of Product and Services–  

On instagram more and more businesses and consumers are signing up everyday. Herein, companies promote  their products and  services when they launch a new product and connect to the customers by advertising it to a larger audience .

In Brand Recognition- 

It means consumers can easily identify your brands by just viewing your products or services .By brand awareness on instagram you can reach a huge proportion of  population .

Viral Marketing Opportunities-

 For companies, viral marketing  is an  effective and efficient way  to target a larger audience. To know more about viral marketing click here – what is viral marketing and all strategies and trick and benefit?

In Direct Sale- 

Instagrammers are shoppers. If you did post right and engaging content, then the user might purchase the product without any hard sales pitch. All you need to do is just focus on the  following factors-

  1. Set up your optimized account.
  2. Create eye catching  instagram posts so that users  would follow you.
  3. Include hashtags and tag  popular influencers 
  4. Create youCreate your own hashtag by using it multiple times.
  5. Write impressive & active captions.
  6. Post noticeable and arresting photo.
  7. Set realistic goals for growth

Benefits of Instagram marketing-  

There are many important benefits of instagram marketing. Some of the major ones are following:

 Helps in e-commerce business- 

It helps because it increases brand recognition and engagement as compared to other platforms.

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Some important factors that helps in boosting your business that you should must include the following:

  1. You should make product photo gallery
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Connect to your audience
  4. Make your customer feel special,make them happy
  5. Inspire participation -we can create hashtag so that consumers can reuse them
  6. Repost share whenever (Repost offers to protract the period for which Content remains dynamic)

If you too are a business, click here to know how to increase your followers and reach through them on instagram.

2. Helps in marketing- 

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On Instagram, there is a huge audience .Multinational companies and all the reputed Brands Advertise their product and maintain a very  good engagement  ratio on a daily basis . Instagram is the only platform where you get maximum amount of the organic traffic .If a  user comes across one of your posts that catches his/her eye, there is 90% chance that the user visits your profile and starts scrolling your feed, tempting him/her to follow your page for future updates. So, Users will be aware of your latest sale/product/post /meme, thus , helping in growing your business, and helping in making it a brand. All these things will help make a huge profit. 

You can find various factors responsible for your business growing exponentially some of them are mentioned below-

  1. What is the age of your audience?
  2. Where is the location of the customer?
  3. What is interest, behavior of your audience?

3. Easy to target your audience-

analytics on Instagram, business profile, analytics

 On this platform, you can easily target your audience with advertisements if you are familiar with it  ,where you could target customers on the basis of  their age, location, behaviour, interest,etc. and re-target your same  audience in future. 

4. Increasing profit –

promote business on Instagram, increase profit with dg marketing buzz

 When you target the right audience , you could generate more and more leads. The more engaging customers you have ,the more sales you can drive, and the more profit you can make. 

5. Create user Centric  content – 

create user generated content

Engage With customers where they are connected to you through your content. Maybe they’re not need that time but in the future they might need your product or service . I research that 50% of the total time spent users invest on social media networks , Instagram one of them. 

Instagram Marketing tools- 

In detail, All illustration and instruction that help to take your business at upper level-

1.Instagram stories-

Instagram stories


I like Instagram stories because it helps in increasing the followers and in marketing. Everyone beholds the story section more than the post section. Moreover, stories increase the conversion rate. Remember, a hashtag should be of  your niche .It is the best tool .When you publish a post or video in their Instagram stories so your profile shows on top of the page of Instagram so you should post daily because it increases visibility.

2.Instagram direct-

 The benefit of instagram direct is you can gain valuable information related to your audience because your audience can easily connect with you,  By which you increase brand loyalty for your customer ,can generate more leads, and grow your business and connections.

Instagram direct

3. Video- 

Video marketing, video marketing on Instagram, video advertisement

As you know, videos generate more conversion rate as compared to photos. I discovered that 70% brands use video marketing.You can educate your audience ,can  brand promote your products , make a tutorial video ,and can live stream as well . All these can be done via video marketing.

4. Hashtag-

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It is the best way to get discovered by other people and tag them. When we use the hashtag of well-known brands, we will start showing up to the audience following those tags. In a way, the audience of famous tags will now be able to view our post in their feed resulting in an increase in out engagement ratio. Remember, hashtags should be targeted, relevant, innovative,and thoughtful. This strategy is followed by many businesses and companies.

5. Filters-

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Instagram can provide us with a number of filters that can improve the look and feel of our pictures. These photographic filters will help in making our posts look more attractive. Instagram has also a wide range of interactive widgets where users can vote, tag friends, and react to a post using emoji expressions. Using all such interactive widgets in a post, increases the engagement ratio and conversion rate directly. 

6. Explore- 

explore in instagram, marketing tool explore

 Explore and search is a feature of Instagram where users can view content they might be interested in. These posts are suggestive content shown to the user based on the things he/she follows or the post he/she likes. Including hashtags and correct information in your posts increases the chance of your posts to show up in the explore section of the right audience.

7. Advertising –

advertisement on Instagram, sales offer on Instagram, benefit of Instagram

Instagram provides a way to advertise and increase your reach to the right audience and right place. You can filter out the audience based on people’s interest, gender, age-group, location and directly land consumers to your homepage. Targeting a specific set of audience is an efficient and reliable way to market your product locally/ globally irrespective of people knowing you or not. . The only requirement to advertise your product on instagram requires you to have a facebook account as well. 

8. Third party services –

third party service on Instagram, social influencer marketing on Instagram

Using social media influencers and established brands who are having a large number of followers on instagram help in collaborating and growing the business to a next level. Many celebrities do brand promotions on instagram and take a hefty amount of money in exchange for it. Sometimes two brands also collaborate and advertise each other in their feed and stories and earn conversion rate highly. 

9. IGTV- 

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This is a form of video sharing on instagram where the content is in the form of video. IGTV is a great way to show users your exclusive content and build trust by educating and entertaining them in different forms. It boosts your product or services and increases conversion rate. These IGTV video clips start with  a few seconds in a minimal mode like any other content and if a user wants to watch the whole video he/she has to explicitly click on continue watching which will redirect the user to watch video in fullscreen mode. Just like TV, IGTV also has channels but in this case creators are the channels. People who prefer watching in place of reading will help you in generating more engagement and conversion rate.

10. Reels-

This marketing tool on Instagram is new. Here you can make video and educate your audience , make funny clips, do motivate , inspire them etc. Reels helps because when you promote your brands ,products/ services.

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These were the tips and tricks to promote your business on Instagram. But there is always scope for improvement. Do let us know in the comments sections if it was helpful. If yes, do let us know how? We are open for suggestions as well.