What is Viral Marketing?

In a nutshell, viral marketing is a kind of marketing where customers are encouraged to exchange or share information about a product across internet.

Every day we see some viral video, image, and content that spreads like a wildfire and is trending on every platform. Are you aware what actually is it? Is this type of message or video clips genuine or not? This is a part of viral marleting/advertising and 80% of firms use it.

Do you know how this type of content or blog became viral? Lets find out..

Marketers educate their consumers free of cost and show the audience what’s trending and share with l us facts and figures. This can happen intentionally or unintentional.

So, viral marketing plays a major role for marketers.  It usually generates high revenue and builds the brand image in the mind of customer.

what is viral marketing?

What’s in it for me?

Introduction of Viral Marketing

Ways of Viral Marketing

Advantage of Viral Marketing

Disadvantage of Viral Marketing

Methods of Viral Marketing

Case Study of Zomato delivery boy

Dove Real Beauty Campaign Case Study

Introduction to Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a technique that makes use of internet media such as social media platform in order to increase the sale of products or services by changing the perspective of the brand in our mind. In other words, It is a sales technique that spreads information from person to person organically by word of mouth and via social media networks.

This type of marketing often becomes viral in the form of funny images/memes, video clips, interactive Flash games, e-books, and texts. It uses existing networks established on social media platforms and helps promote your product or service using it. It also creates a superior image in the customer mind about the product or services and sends the message that it is better than the competitors products.

These messages or ads spread rapidly and are sent within seconds to millions of people, like viruses.

Ways of Viral Marketing

ways of viral marketing

Viral marketing helps in building the relationship between the brands and consumers helping in achieving a lot of growth.

 These are some techniques of viral marketing strategy; you should apply in your business to achieve growth – 

  • Word of mouth

This is a traditional way of spreading any kind of information. You might have heard or came across mohalla aunties spreading information using this tactic. Whenever people interact and come together for any activity, they talk, talk about anything that’s new and trending. Any information that’s passed on using word of mouth are reliable and people confide in them.

  • Email

Have you ever wondered whenever you use a new application you usually have to register via email. One of the reasons these emails are asked so brands or agencies can keep their users updated about their events, campaigns, updates, etc. Some agencies also sell this user data to third-party websites which in turn sell them to agencies who use them for promoting their own product with the help of viral marketing. Thus, viral email marketing is a strategy where emails are sent to bulk email ID’s by companies in order to market their product or service.

  • Social media network( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Social media is one of the greatest tool helpful in viral marketing. In today’s era, almost half of the population globally has become digitized and people exchange information via internet. There are different categories of social media platforms available on web for different types of users. In current era, half of the population meet on social media and communicate using these networks. Since there is a huge population active here, and information spread quickly on this platform, marketers use this platform as tool to market their products. Agencies target professionals using LinkedIn, youth using Instagram and Youtube, middle aged population via Facebook.

  • Video sharing sites( YouTube)

Youtube is the second largest search engine platform after Google which people use for searching and watching the trending content. Most of the video content is uploaded on youtube by content creators and people share and watch it on this platform.People can share easily and the type of recommended content is based on user’s watch history. You can run ads and if your audience likes it , it will be shared by people making your campaign viral.

  • Article marketing

Advantages of viral marketing-

advantage of viral marketing
  • Low cost viral marketing saves advertising costs. We can reach millions of people and it do not needs more money.
  • Helps in promoting the product or services– It saves time of promoting the product or service. through this, we can reach millions of people by social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and integral.
  • Help in brand awareness- It’s one of the important advantage of viral marketing and do positioning to the customer mind. they can earn popularity in a short period of time because it is quite easy and affordable to execute the marketing campaign.
  • Faster growth – Social media is one of the marketing campaigns for viral marketing. When the message is shared on the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, integral) there is no doubt that message will become viral and famous.
  • Reach young peoples- Nowadays it is more difficult to attract the young generation over traditional marketing. Internet marketing helps in reaching a young audience worldwide.
  • Global audience- There is no geographic limitation for viral marketing. Internet and social media platforms have helped in reaching the global audience.

Disadvantages of viral marketing-

Fake news-

Marketers can create fake news , and we cannot identify whether is it original news or fake news.

  • Uncontrollable- Viral marketing is uncontrollable by nature. If viral campaigns once released then it became uncontrollable.
  • Hard to measure- If someone begins copying videos , and sending messages then it became very difficult to spread the original message from the murmur.
  • Viral marketing can be a waste of time if your marketing efforts  are not delivering  the desired objectives.
  • Not every person  involved  in sharing your message.

Types of viral marketing-

  • Emotional viral marketing – Best thing of this type of marketing is that people don’t ignore this. Emotional marketing plays a major role in viral behavior. You have to build an emotional connection between the audience and your content. There are a lot of emotions you can use in the viral marketing campaign. There is some emotion joy (create fun, sadness, anger (can be used for protective) and fear.
  • Incentivized viral marketing – Incentivized viral marketing is used by most organizations or companies in which they offer rewards or give some incentives passing the message to another. This type of marketing increases the referrals, and most successful when the offer requires another person to take action.
  • Buzz marketing-  In this type of viral marketing, a buzz is generated in this form of marketing to capture the public’s attention. Controversial advertisements or messages are circulated to make them a gossip topic of discussion and spread easily as a viral.
  • Pass along viral marketing- This type of viral marketing is most important type of viral marketing where the message is passed to others by the users. This strategy tries to form a chain where one user shares and passes it on to someone else. Religious communities have used pass-viral marketing effectively.

Methods of viral marketing-

methods of viral marketing
People working on viral marketing
  • Customer participation and polling service(Feedback, reviews)
  • Internet search engine and blogs- for this type of marketing we can use a search engine and blogging website example- Google and blogspot.com
  • Search engine optimization on Google, Yahoo,Bing.
  • Social media optimization( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok)
  • Television and radio-television is one of the best important marketing channels where we can ads run on TV, radio, F.M station, and various channels and promote the product or service. Today’s time some news channel tells us some fake news. 
  • Mobile smartphone integration


Case study of zomato delivery boy-

zomato delivery boy

Zomato is an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start up founded by Deepinder Goyal in 2008. Zomato provides information, menu and user reviews of restaurants, and also has food delivery options from partner restaurants in selected cities. It is currently available in 24 countries and in more than 10,000 cities.

The delivery boy’s name was sonu. This delivery boy became famous because of his smile. His video goes viral when someone makes the video of his smile. Money and happiness do not co-relate with each other . This was proved by him as he was happy in spite of the fact he was 350 earning per day.This makes his video emotional. His video and image went viral on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even Zomato also has changed profile pictures on Instagram later on.

zomato case study

That was viral marketing by zomato.

Dove real beauty campaign case study

Dove is a personal care brand owned by Hindustan Unilever ltd. , a corporation of the United Kingdom. This brand was founded by lever brothers in 1957. Their products are sold in over 150 countries and offered for men, women, and babies. For more than 45 years , Dove used actual women reviews in their advertising or campaigning.

In 2013, dove real beauty bar did an experiment in a campaign “You are more beautiful than you think” . It was one of the best examples of viral marketing. The goal of this campaign was to build brand value, love and loyalty among ladies. That ad was totally heart touching as it made feel women that they are lot more prettier in person than they actually think they are. It injects confidence in their mind and make them feel that DOVE cares.


Conducting an experiment and investigating how women consider themselves, and their own appearance as compared to what other people see them is a beautiful example of successful viral marketing.

  • Dove selected women who had a firm belief that they are not beautiful.
  • The chosen women will have to describe herself (explain her looks) to a skilled forensic artist.
  • A third person will be asked to describe what the lady looked like.
  • The foresic artist will draw two different images using the description without looking at the person in image.
  • The various drawings were put together and presented to the women in the picture.
case study of dove real beauty campaign
campaign of dove real beauty


  • As seen in the video, all women were speechless.
  • The stranger’s description/sketch was more gentle. It’s really different.
  • The second one is more beautiful, she looked more natural, comfortable and happier.
  • The main motive of the campaign was to provoke the thought that you are more beautiful than you think.
  • This video campaign got 114 million views in the first month and most-watched online ad ever.
  • It was consumed by audiences in more than 100 countries , and it was the most-watched internet video of 2013.
  • Social media presence-dove has the largest fan following on various social media platforms like Facebook.