What is Digital Marketing?

The ability to reach millions, even billions with multiple clicks yet one device and vast technical knowledge builds up to the term “Digital Marketing”. 

This place we live, the digital world, is full of digital devices, digital people and several other digital anonymities. Not less than 40% of the total population of the world is active digital users which sum up to the number of somewhere around 3 billion.


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And in this era, do you really think giving advertisements on radio, televisions and newspapers will be of greater use?

Well, to discuss the answer to the above framed question, let’s get to the numbers. Out of over 7 billion world population, the total number of active newspaper readers according to the key finding of the World association of Newspapers comes to report about 2.5 billion people. On the contrary, a total number of 5.15 billion people are the active users of mobile phones. Out of which 3.8 billion people use smartphones.

What is Digital Marketing

These numbers have been aforementioned, and play an important part in understanding the role of digital marketing in today’s world. 

Let us take an example of an ad-post. 

What is Digital Marketing

Say, a shopaholic, sees an advertisement of some clothing brand in a newspaper. The possible chances of that buyer comes down to somewhere 23% (less than even the 1/4th of total) that the person goes down to buy that stuff. But, if a shopaholic for once visits an application of online apparels, the corresponding and even better options will be fed on the person’s social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such others. The possible chances of buying the stuff rises to approximately 61% (more than half of the total chances). 

What is Digital Marketing

So, this is one example of generating leads eventually leading to growing business through digital advertising. Many such examples come across for different people with varied tastes.

A person looking for the best honeymoon packages will every now and then get advertisements for apps like tripoto, travel triangle, make my trip, etc on all the walls. Be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even Google. 

This kind of advertising/marketing not only captures the traffic market but helps in cost-cutting for every business. It will cost you a lot more if you purchase a 30 seconds ad on television than 30 seconds ad on google ad words.


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Google is the key search engine for a larger portion of the population.And Google ads help the marketer to capture the larger fraction of the same, that too in a much cost-effective way. 

Why is Digital Marketing important today‚Äôs time? 

Digital marketing as a career has now become a boom to this digital generation. As to how, this generation has been inclined towards smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions whereas, traditionally people were definitely into radios, newspapers and personal communication (or face to face marketing). And hence, all this has made the inclusion of digital marketing a precious tool to advertise the things both beneficially and smartly. 

Therefore, career seekers in digital marketing should fetch the well of knowledge, on the tools used in it. 

Digital Marketing tools

In a wider picture, the tools included are many in number. Out of the many, some extensively used and particularly important are as discussed:

i) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 

digital marketing tools, Search Engine Optimization , SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of improving a website in ways that help it rank in search results when users search for specific words and phrases. To make your website or product more visible to the search engine user, one must be proficient with the use and benefits of SEO.

ii) Pay Per Click (PPC) – 

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Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines. And to expand your business worth, aggressively, this technique is furthermore important because these days, every brand, irrespective of its business structure is going towards this technique of marketing.

iii) Lead Generation –

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A digital marketer is always ranked not over his performance directly, but by the number of leads he/she generates hourly/weekly/monthly and by the leads hence converted. So, a digital marketer should always be focused about the target audience, the willing audience and the able audience. They are the ones, eventually, who give the leads and the conversions. 

iv) Performance Campaigning –

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Performance campaigning have these days become similar to a cherry on the cake with regards to the digital marketing platform. It helps the purchaser to pay for measurable or the desired results. Which, as a result, makes a marketer active in his/her work corresponding to the tastes of the market or the audience targeted.

v) Outbound or Inbound Marketing- 

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A digital marketer should be equipped with using both these execution methods for digital campaigning.

Outbound is said to be more of a marketer-centric strategy as it includes cold calling, emails, uninvited and interruptive ads. As a result, it becomes a compulsion and interruption to the customer which is not much appreciated by him/her. 

But, Inbound (Inhouse) is more of a customer-centric strategy which includes SEO, blogging, attracting according to the tastes and hence always comes after permission or by will of the customer. 

Thus, it becomes important for a digital marketer to understand both to become a whole, because at the inception of any business, the outbound becomes a necessity of it and the tools hence continue.

Target Via Marketing Strategies

To discuss further, a digital marketing personnel must be full of strategies, not only to grow the business but also to be well aware of the audience to be targeted.

digital marketing strategies


Branding the business after understanding the purpose of it, is the initial step towards involving oneself with the strategy. As soon as one understands the purpose and mission of the business, he must look out for an inviting brand, logo and tagline. This becomes the foremost important thing to grab the audience’s sight.

Decide Logo and Tagline-

Once you is ready with the brand, logo and tagline of the ad and business, you should focus on understanding the targeted audience viz. The business of e-learning for primary classes must focus on parents and teachers, the business of expensive cars should focus on tier-1 riches, similarly the business of dating apps would invite the youth.

Target the Audience-

Once the personnel targets the audience, it is now time to strategist the look of the same. In that case, always seek knowledge from all your competitors and try to come up with something extravagant than all others.

Do Webinars ,Live Chat –

The understanding is ready with brand and logo. Audiences are ready to be targeted so here comes the digital marketing active-ness, start involving oneself in webinars, live chats and Videography services to inform the audience about the elucidates of one’s business.

Always Optimize your Content –

In the middle of strategizing things, do not let the budget become a constraint. Always optimize and keep a check on your budget.

Run Marketing Campaigns-

Involve in email marketing, viral marketing, influential marketing, social media marketing, etc as a target to reach all the audience primarily decided. 

Evaluate Marketing Performance-

Eventually, the digital marketing specialist gets recognition after he/she reconnects, refines and solves the issues of his/her customer. It is then, when the business and job is done well.

Discussing the strategies will lead further to the skills needed for a top-notch digital marketer. 

skills for digital marketing

a) Comprehend –

A digital marketer will always know what words will catch the ear and sight of his/her customer. As a digital marketer would always be beforehand with the knowledge of his/her target audience, So the advertisement must be framed in such a way that it not only attracts the customer but pushes the customer to pay for it, as in, to have it.

b) Design –

The customer section gets more pleased by the visualization rather than a paragraph full of words. So, in order to be a good digital marketer, one must possess a designing hand or an art wand.

c) Use of Social Media – 

As earlier in this article, it is mentioned that the greatest portion of the population uses social media viz. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snap-chat etc. So as a marketing person one should never fail to make the best use of all these. Keep posting about your business, products and lucrative offers on the same. 

d) Leads to Conversions –

As a digital marketing expert, one should focus on the conversions more than the leads. The success of conversion rate gives a sense of being on the right track whereas prolonged failure in conversion helps to work on the leads further.

e) Marketing Automation –

Relatively, a difficult skill to inherit but it is the most fruitful one. Here the digital marketer enables marketing without being present in it. It automates the marketing and sales process along with the customer profiling. This is more related to SEO and by understanding how to score website visitors. 

5 Ways to learn how to be best Digital Marketer-

5 Ways to learn how to be best Digital Marketer

Moving towards the end of the article, there are some tips/ ways to learn how to be the best digital marketer.

Online Certification –

Enroll oneself into online certification courses and learn tool-by-tool to grow oneself as a good digital marketer. Online certifications are available in abundance digitally on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

Reading Habits – 

Read the articles, advertisements, magazines, journals, blogs, precisely about digital marketing and make it a habit of converting the theory into practical.

Networking – 

Out of many social media platforms, LinkedIn serves an interesting purpose of building the network with highly professional connections. Build a connection, seek some help, learn from the connections and expand your wisdom of digital marketing by joining other such communities on other social media platforms too.

Skill Enhancement –

Keep learning new skills and stay in trend. Whatsoever is trending be aggressive enough to explore it, learn it and apply it.

At last, few words about digital marketing: 

If Business be the fruits, Digital Marketing is the tree.